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    Investors Advisory

    Transcend assists in pinpointing your value proposition for your start-up investment in the supply chain space. Unravel high heights of visibility, test new verticals without disrupting your revenue stream, and strengthen your start-up through our proven training.

    Start-Up Due Diligence

    Transcend Consulting recognizes the importance of start-up due diligence. We provide a fact-based, rigorously quantified assessment before your deal is inked. We have focused knowledge that the market cannot see, ultimately providing complete visibility of your investment’s potential.

    Founder Interviews + Coaching

    Every business stems from a single great idea, but understanding whether your start-up founder has a practical plan is what launches the rocket for investment success. Our founder questionnaire does just this to protect an investor’s pocketbook and time. Our coaching assists the founder to do the following:

    • How to identify your start-up’s potential
    • How to recruit and work with developers
    • How to launch your product and sales campaign
    • How to avoid start-up mishaps
    • How to build a revolutionary team
    Connect + Engage with Your Target Audience

    Connect with your target market through messaging. Our team works alongside you to identify your customer’s problems, show you how your product or service solves that, and how to write a messaging plan using your customer’s language.

    Overcome Sales Challenges

    View your business in a different light, when we run our challenger sales cycle we learn:

    1. What sets the best sales reps apart in a complex sales environment?
    2. How do you replicate winning sales behaviors?
    3. How do you create a memorable and successful sales experience?

    We apply our learning from the challenger sales cycle to your operations to increase your conversions and ultimately, add more money to your pocketbook.

    Strengthen Your Team

    Strengthen Your Team

    Build your team’s potential by challenging your sales and marketing strategies through Transcend exercises.

    360-Degree Visibility

    360-Degree Visibility

    Have complete visibility over your external and internal investor processes.

    Our price starts at

    $250 Per Hour


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