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Our Pricing Details

Our low rates are based on a 3-month commitment that is billed monthly on a subscription service. Please note, it requires 30-days to pause, switch services, or completely phase out. The Bronze and Silver plan grants access to a free 1-hour consultation every quarter while the Gold plan offers a free 1-hour consultation every month.


$350 Per Hour

5 hours a week

$1750 Total


$300 Per Hour

10 hours a week

$3500 Total


$250 Per Hour

20 hours a week

$4000 Total

Remote + Limited Time Consultation

Raise capital, discuss revenue goals, identify the competition and establish a strategy with our founder sessions. Our limited time sessions are ideal for clients who are looking for a few hours of occasional guidance. Book a time and we will be available within 24-hours.

Prep Founder sessions

$1000 4 One Hour Sessions

4 One hour scheduled sessions that are not under contract.

One and done

$500 Hour

Typically for investors to discuss a problem

they need to be solved.

Jr Consultant

$150 Hour

Hire Jr Consultants to work on projects and scale these remote workers based on need.