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We offer different pricing packages, according to your current status and needs. Feel free to contact us with any further questions about pricing packages and services that are included.
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Consulting pricing

Our low rates are setup to be managed and billed monthly with no term limits. That is how confident we are that you will love working with us.
All plans include on-site client visits and customer visits within a 50-mile radius of Orange County CA.

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Terms and conditions

Pricing packages

Transcend Consulting will invoice monthly. Customer may terminate a month-to-month contract with fifteen (15) days prior written notice of the end of the monthly period, provided that Customer will be liable for any unpaid invoices prior to the termination date.


Our special offer

Remote + Limited Time Consultation

Raise capital, discuss revenue goals, identify the competition and establish a strategy with our founder sessions. Our limited time sessions are ideal for clients who are looking for a few hours of occasional guidance. Book a time and we will be available within 24-hours. We have Jr. Consultants available for SMB projects as well. Please contact us for more details.