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    Start-Up Advisory

    Connecting the world’s best start-ups with leading retailers.

    Transcend Consulting has worked with dozens of start-ups in the tech-enabled supply chain on a global level. Our narrow focus on this vertical allows us to deliver our expertise on trusted industry strategies.

    Founder Training

    As company founder, being equipped with the proper tools and knowledge is pivotal to your business’ success. In our training, we set founders up for long-term success through the following lessons:

    • How to test your idea with customers 
    • How to build a viable product  
    • How to handle business legalities 
    • How to raise money from investors 
    • How to build a revolutionary team 
    • How to avoid top start-ups mishaps 


    Market Fit Advisory

    Transcend Consulting helps you settle into your market space through the following: 

    • Identify your industry 
    • Build a pipeline of viable prospectsprospects  
    • Build relevant messaging to intrigue your target market 
    • Test lead generating tactics to find what is best strategy for your start-up 
    Funding Assistance

    Founders often find themselves with an extensive business plan with one critical element missing, financial assistance. Transcend understands the dire need for funds, which is we have a network of inventors that start-ups can gain financial leverage from. 

    Go International to Leverage Your Network

    Foreign market launches have never been easier. Our global workshops will make your product and team ready for a global launch; all your information, networking needs, and questions will be found here.

    Own Your Potential

    Own Your Potential

    With Transcend, you will maximize the potential of your product, team, and sales.

    Trial and Error Safety Net

    Trial and Error Safety Net

    Start-ups involve trial and error, and we are here for that.

    Our price starts at

    $250 Per Hour


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